Cornucopia is a comic fantasy universe created by the English entrepreneur Charlie Jackson (1990-), set in the fictional universe of Cornucopia, it is a universe completely set underground, where 99% of everything is rock, as opposed to empty space in our universe.

Cornucopia is predominantly written as a Wiki, rather than in book format, which allows readers to link around the various articles and explore the universe in the order they wish.

Cornucopia lays host to a multitude of various lifeforms, most of which live in caves and cities built in large cavernous spaces that can span for hundreds of kilometers. As a universe underground makes it a lot harder for civilisations to explore and discover other civilisations, there are constant culture clashes as one civilisation expands and comes across a completely different one, that may have been developing independently for millions of years. Due to the unusual composition of an underground universe there is a whole system of Physics which has been developed to explain how such a universe can possibly exist.


In early 2014 Charlie had decided to build a fantasy universe where he could let loose and play around with ridiculous ideas. It was around this time that the idea for an underground universe was conceived it it sounded like a silly enough idea to go along with. It took just over a year of playing around with different writing formats until he decided on building his universe as a Wiki.


Cornucopia came up as a name within a few months of Charlie deciding to create a fantasy universe. According to Wikipedia, cornucopia is:

'''The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. '''

This appealed to Charlie for various reasons. Firstly he has a hollowed out horn from a trip around Europe, which he used to drink out of and do peculiar things with and secondly this universe is about an abundance or material and life, which rings true with the original meaning.


Main Article Physics.

A complex and developing system of physics had to be created to explain how an underground universe could possible exist. Below are some of the main components that affect the universe:
  • Cornucopia is a universe which loops after a specific point. If you keep going in one direction you'll end up returning to the place you started in.
  • Gravity exists in Cornucopia but not in the same way as reality. Gravity is always pulling in a downwards orientation. This orientation is a global phenonomon that all things experience.

Story Arcs

Although Cornucopia can be read in any order there are several collections of articles that form coherent storylines that deserve a mention:


The characters in Cornucopia can be read as any other article in the Wiki, however there are certain characters with much more depth, backstory and hilarity. The main ones are listed below:

Main Characters

  • Captain Dickworthy


In Cornucopia "Geology" is akin to how we think about magic. Certain rocks possess mystical qualities, which can be harnessed and controlled by Geologists. Some of these rocks can exert their own gravitational pull, others can create life etc.